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The latest research studies show that early physiotherapy intervention can help injured workers return to work significantly earlier than later intervention or no intervention at all.

Physiotherapy works!

At BodyBack we want to help you recover from injury and return to your work as soon as possible.

With our range of 'BodyBack to Work Programs', we seek to assess your injury, prescribe you a comprehensive treatment and management plan and ensure that you return to your work better and physically stronger than you were prior to your injury.

To get your BodyBack to work sooner, we aim to provide you with effective treatment in the acute stages of your recovery; educating and advising you of ways to prevent further injury and future re-injury, prescribing and supervising gym-based or pool-based re-strengthening exercises that are tailored specifically to your needs, progressing you on to functional exercises and simulating the type of work you are required to perform in preparation for your return to work.

We will also work closely with your doctor, your rehabilitation co-ordinator, your employer and the insurance company to make sure that your recovery, rehabilitation and return to work will be as smooth as possible.

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