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Benefits of Investing


Our services. Your benefits.

Owning your own aged care facility through our business model does not require you to have an intimate knowledge of the industry or facility operations.

Benefits of having Garrison Ash help you with your aged care investment include:

    • Outsource Everything
      Our service allows you to outsource everything from development and construction of the infrastructure, to the maintenance and management of the facility.
    • Ownership
      You retain full ownership of your facility, and reap the associated benefits. Our role is to assist in establishing the facility and then running it as the Approved Provider.
    • Capital Growth
      There is no dilution of the benefits you gain from the growth of the assets such as the land, building and bed licenses as you retain full ownership of your facility at all times.
    • Secure Investment
      With the increase of the ageing population and growing demand for aged care facilities in the near future, we can say with confidence that by investing in aged care you can receive a solid return for your investment.
    • Significant Reduction in Your Risk
      We can significantly reduce your risk as Garrison Ash effectively becomes the Approved Provider for your facility taking on all the legislated responsibilities associated with being the Approved Provider.

Under our agreement, we commit to the fulfilment of all requirements and obligations imposed by the government, regulatory bodies and legislation.


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